Artisan Crafted Products

We're constantly rolling out new hand-crafted items from the region



Fresh from the flame

These hand-hammered copper pieces are one-of-a-kind, take days to create, and are imbued with the pure love of creativity.

Heather Owens

Explore this artist's interior landscape via her upcycled patches, unique stickers, and cheeky buttons.


You're In Luck

We are besotted with You're In Luck's line of body care. All natural lip balm, deodorant, beard oil, and more. 

Chalk Paint Everything

Upcycled artsy housewares. It's amazing what a little chalk paint can do!


Emily ruth prints

Hand-carved and printed bags by Emily Vanderlinder.  She believes in repetition and never makes the same thing twice.



I am blue

Hand-dyed, up-cycled, unique clothing. These pieces are filled with positive energy and artistry. 


GOAT milk SOaps

The Freckled Farm's goat milk soaps have heavenly smell. Their charming soaps are made in Goochland, VA on a family goat farm. 


Akashic Cards

Artist and intuitive Valerie Sargent makes her own akashic record reading cards from original paintings.

Crafter - WC Designs.JPG

W&C Designs

Show your love for our great state Virginia with up-cycled painted wood blocks, or find the perfect frame fo your photo. Painted by a local father-daughter team.



Radical Tenderness

Up-cycled and tie-dyed clothing, as well as gem and beadwork accessories.

Air Terrariums

We have Tillandsia air plants in both large and small sizes, and large and small hanging terrariums. You can purchase them separately or together.


Chris purcell

These dog-tag necklaces from Purcell Toys are up-cycled from electrical knockouts and scrap wood.

C-ville Pride Tee's

We're proud to offer these tees and hoodies. We welcome everyone with open hearts.



Midnight Golden Goddess  Scrumptious body butters and salt scrubs delicious for your skin. All-natural with essential oils and shea & cocoa butter.

Midnight Golden Goddess

Scrumptious body butters and salt scrubs delicious for your skin. All-natural with essential oils and shea & cocoa butter.



Summerfield Collection

These frosted, rock-candy-esque, sparkle-flecked and mer-maiden earrings & necklaces will deck your ears with their crystal-y adornment.



Paper light designs

Recycled paper is molded into shape, painted by hand, and coated with resin. Eco-friendly jewelry!



Looking to decorate some walls with local art? We now carry the finely detailed painting prints of our dear Rethreads alum, Melissa Malone.



Curbside Pickins

Up-cycled bits of silverware, vintage books, and fun found items formed into treasures!

tempest and spark

Inspired by nature and made with semi-precious stones and various metals, this jewelry can be worn everyday or on special occasions.



Random Patch

Mis-matched, sundry items combine to make incredibly unique, surprisingly complementary earrings. Perfect conversation piece!

Take a walk through our local crafter section.

It's always changing as we discover new local artists!

Check back on this page to discover new delights.

And do let us know if you're curious to know more about any of these exciting cottage-industry products.

If you'd like to become a crafter whose crafts we carry at the shop, simply contact us for a new consignor appointment.

Thank you for helping our local economy thrive!