Rethreads' Green Practices

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We pride ourselves on our eco-friendly initiatives. If you're curious what we're doing to do our part for the planet, read on.



  • Secondhand shopping reduces the demand for new items, thus reducing the energy consumed in the creation and transportation of these items. To learn more about how the fashion industry pollutes, click here.
  • Rethreads uses programmable thermostats to reduce energy usage (heat and A/C) when the store is closed
  • We use brooms and swiffers to reduce our need to vacuum. We even use reusable swiffer pads so that we don't need to buy disposable ones.
  • All lights in the store are either fluorescent or, where possible, LED light bulbs to reduce energy usage.
  • We have drought-resistant plants in our planter boxes so that we can reduce the need for watering.
  • Since all of our sales are final, we find most customers don't require a receipt. For those that would like a receipt, we offer electronic receipts rather than paper.
  • We always ask customers if they need a bag, and most say "no thanks", reducing the need for bags! It's a simple question, and worthwhile instead of assuming everyone wants a bag to carry their purchases out of the store.



  • Our store's founding principle is that it is better to reuse things that already exist in the world than buying new. By shopping with us, you help reuse clothing and accessories in your community.
  • Rethreads also likes to reuse in other ways such as: reusing shopping bags - in fact, we will gladly accept your paper bags.  The ones with handles are the best for our use.
  • We also reuse things like jewelry boxes, shoe boxes, hangers, and more. When we can't use it in the store, we find outlets to give things away, such as through the Facebook Buy Nothing group, or Craigslist.
  • When items are brought in on consignment that we can't sell, we try to find them a new home through donating to area charities. We donate to SPCA Rummage, Twice is Nice, Habitat for Humanity Restore, and others.



Of course we recycle the standard glass, metal, plastic, paper, and cardboard, but we also do more than that:

  • We save plastic bags and wrappers to recycle at area grocery stores.
  • We recycle all batteries, fluorescent light bulbs, and electronic equipment when at the end of their life cycle - these types of hazardous waste can be major problems to the environment if improperly disposed of.
  • We even have a recycling bin available in our customer bathroom so that paper towels and any beverage containers, etc. have a place to be source-separated.

What special things do you do to help the environment in your day-to-day life?

Our motto is, every little bit counts!

Thanks for reading this far. Hopefully you've been inspired by at least one thing you read here.


The Rethreads Team