Bag Sale Information

Twice a year, we open our doors and empty our store.

The transition between seasons is a great time to mix up our inventory, and our customers help us do this by grabbing the best deal around. Just $20 for a bag on Saturday, $10 on Sunday. Scroll down to learn more and find answers to your questions so you can make the most of our "black-friday-like" sale.

Summer bag sale.jpg

all you can fit in a bag

The two pictures below show how our bag-sale bag looks stuffed with merchandise. The picture on the right shows the contents emptied out. Two outfits plus accessories-- a great haul!



What can go in the bag? Shorts, shoes, tops, dresses, pants, skirts, hats, scarves.

What are the event hours? 

  • Saturday 10am-6pm
  • Sunday 12pm-5pm. Fun indoor yardsale, too!

What bag can I use to fill up? We provide a blue plastic bag, pictured above.  

Our bag sale rules are outlined in the picture below.



Bag Sale Jewelry Pricing

*Also includes common items that don’t fit in a bag. 

· $2 - earrings/brooches/pins
· $3 - bracelets/hats
· $4 - rings/necklaces/shoes

*Clothing that doesn't fit in the bag can be marked down 75% from full price on tag.